100th Birthday of my mother Maria Hoefer


At the 17. March 2013 it would be the 100th Birthday of my mother:

Therefore I was searching in some of the family photo album and scanned a few pic from some historic event, birthday parties and some of her patchwork to share that with you in this picture gallery.

Yours Otmar Hoefer

90th Birthday of my father:

On February 6, 2004, I officially launched this small website, which is filled with information and images in honor of my parents, Karlgeorg and Maria Hoefer. This archive is not yet complete, and will be expanded over time. I would love to hear your comments and feedback on its development.

Otmar Hoefer

Extract from Karlgeorg Hoefer’s Memoirs, handwritten by him in 1999.
The textile factory owner Georg Alfred Dinglinger (born July 26, 1857 in Berlin) married Else Bergmann (born November 11, 1859 in Berlin) on June 29, 1883. Thereafter, they lived in their Wüstegiersdorf Villa in Waldenburg/Schlesien County. They had two children. My uncle Curt was born on December 20, 1885, and my mother Helen was born on November 20, 1888. My grandparents were particularly close to my heart, especially my grandmother!

Later, my grandparents moved to another spinning works factory in Hirschberg, located in the Riesengebirge. It was there that my parents met each other, and married. Many family get-togethers were celebrated there. My mother’s brother Curt was a Pastor in the area, just like my father. Curt was married to Mathilde Huhndorf.
A curious thing happened to both of these families on February 6, 1914: they each bore sons. We were named Karlgeorg and Hans Georg (my cousin Hans Georg died in the Second World War), and our grandfather filed an announcement in the newspaper Boot aus dem Riesengebirge to announce both of our births.

Also worth mentioning is that both of the fathers (Otto Hoefer and Curt Dinglinger) shared the same birthday as well (December 12)! But in their case, they were born one year apart from each other, instead of on the exact same day.
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